Dear shareholders,

It has now been 11 days since the end of the lock-up period and 21 days since our website and campaign launch. So far, we have not seen any official response from the company.

It is a fact of life that large companies tend to be slow-moving. We will continue to press SK Chemicals for an answer to our proposals. Please be assured that, even if the company remains silent, we have no intention of abandoning our campaign.

In the meantime, we always welcome your comments and feedback by email to or via the contact form at

Please disclose the size of your holding if you are comfortable doing so. Thank you to those shareholders that have already sent us this information.

Please note that, while we intend to maintain a policy of openness and transparency as much as possible, we can’t make all of our activities or future plans public. We will of course continue to update everyone via the distribution list and website.

Here are some media links in case you missed them:



Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Damian L. Edwards

Damian L. Edwards
Metrica Partners Pte. Ltd.