SK Chemicals (285130.KS) is a company within the SK Group. Its primary asset is its 68% stake in SK Bioscience (302440.KS).

This website has been created by shareholders of SK Chemicals who believe that the company’s value could be dramatically improved through a few simple actions.

It is intended to act as a rallying point, a forum for exchanging views and a springboard to further action.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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Update #3

[ 5 Nov: updated to correct Mr. Jeon’s name. ]

Dear fellow shareholders,

Metrica was pleased to receive, earlier this month, a letter via registered mail from SK Chemical’s CEO and Representative Director, Mr. Jeon Kwang Hyun.

In it, Mr. Jeon expresses the company’s commitment to continue efforts to enhance the shareholder value of SK Chemicals. (more…)

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Update #2

Dear shareholders,

It has now been 11 days since the end of the lock-up period and 21 days since our website and campaign launch. So far, we have not seen any official response from the company. (more…)

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Update #1

Dear fellow shareholders,

Since we launched our campaign a week ago, we have been truly overwhelmed by the level of support from shareholders large and small, all over Korea. We are sorry for not having replied to everyone individually yet due to the huge volume of messages. We sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time to write to us and please be assured that we are reviewing all the feedback and suggestions thoroughly. (more…)

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Recommendations for the board

Metrica urges SK Chemicals to take advantage of the upcoming IPO lockup expiry to sell down its stake in SK Bioscience and distribute the proceeds to shareholders.

Please see the presentation below for further details.

Screen version

Print version

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